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SaltyDragon is a project that is taking the massively popular Lineage II MMORPG (Interlude chronicle) and integrating the Raptoreum (RTM) Blockchain.

Website: (in progress)
Raptoreum Discord:

Project Status:
Design & Development

About The SaltyDragon Project

The SaltyDragon project is being built to try and achieve the following;
📖 As a visual, interactive, teaching and educational tool for Blockchain.
- Demonstrate how a blockchain integration with Raptoreum can be used and allow people to experience and interact with it first hand.
- For fun!
- Creation and use of NFTs from inside a visual easy to use interface (Lineage II game client).
- Demonstrate how smart contracts, RTM, and NFTs can be combined and used to create a highly flexible and trustless system benefiting the players.
- Cross game transfers of items VIA NFT, can be automated when contracts are available.

How The Integration Will Work (this is still being hammered out and is subject to change)

We are exploring a couple of different options for client integration, optimally a lite wallet written in c++ as the game client is written in c++. Players need to have full control of their own funds and keys, a rough list of the functionality available ingame due to the integration below. The gameserver itself will also have some integration with the Raptoreum Blockchain. Any mention of NFT is only once Raptoreum has them available on mainnet.

- Ability to send player to player.
- Can send and receive externally (RTM and rNFT).
- Receive RTM from the server. This will be for drops, events, olympiad, etc. No this is not a play to earn model. Also considering the idea of creating a custom ingame currency which can be exchanged for RTM at NPC.
- Decrypt wallet on game load before any server communications takes place.
- Wallet auto encrypted on game close.
- Can tokenize (create a NFT) items while playing.
- Tokenized items cannot be transferred to another player unless the attached NFT is also sent.
- Allow players who own a bitknife to bring them ingame. You can read about bitknives on the Raptoreum blog ( This is dependent on the bitknife owner supplying the virtual replica in correct format as well as transferring the attached NFT for the knife to their game RTM wallet. Bitknives will have similar stats to other weapons nothing IMBA, cannot be dropped but if you go red from PK item will not be usable.
- Query the Raptoreum blockchain from ingame for network info, transaction data, etc.
- Donation items only available using RTM, these will be mostly cosmetic, pets, nothing imba (imbalanced).

Players will need to register their wallet ingame with the server so it is known to the server and can be watched / used.

Server Features

- Rates:
This is the rate multipliers at which xp, sp, drops, adena, aa, quest itms, etc are set to over official which is considered 1x. Rates are not yet decided other than it will be low rate (3x to 5x).
Antibot: Best in the scene which detects and defends against all L2 bots, these days that is mostly adrenaline and L2helper.

This is a work in progress and I will be updating it over the next weeks frequently

We are currently looking for people interested in helping with the project;

Web Development & Design: 1-2 people to develop the web based account panel skills wanted are php, sql, java, css, html. You must be confident in your code!

Artist / Graphic Design: Logo creation. Graphics for site, launcher, social media, and possibly for a few things ingame.

Game Masters: For game moderation, reports investigation, and running events. Lineage 2 experience with builder experience is a bonus.

Santas Little Helpers: The focus of SaltyDragon is not to attract they very old and seasoned Lineage 2 crowd, but the Crypto crowd, most of whom will not be familiar with the game. As a Santas Little Helper your mission should you choose to accept it would be tracking down good existing guides or creating new ones. Also to help in Discord with Lineage II specific questions.

Community Managers: Discord moderation and support.

Promotion: 1-2 people interested in getting the word out about the project to the Crypto community.
Is it paid?
SaltyDragon is not designed to make money, it is being built to showcase what a blockchain integration on Raptoreum (RTM) can do, and how anybody can easily make use of such an integration. It is possible the server does make some money after costs through donations, items bought in shops (nothing imba), etc.

If that happens then I am happy to spread it around on those that have been contributing. Mainly I am looking for people that want to help build something fun and educational that can showcase Raptoreum and are not strictly in it to make $$.
я очень давно играл в л2 с хроники с2, мой стаж в игре около 10 лет
Isn't the project abandoned yet? I've emailed, no reply. The forum / X is empty.
Hi sidx,

No the project is not abandoned. It requires a fair bit of custom work and coding and it is just one developer doing the heavy lifting when he has spare time.

Progress is slow but steady. I hope to have some updates and news in the next 1-2 weeks.
Great, very interesting to see how it will work in practice. Maybe you will be the one to breathe a second life into the old l2.
I really hope so. I think with what we are doing it is possible we bring in a lot of people who are new to L2 which would be great to see, and fun.
Hello my friends, I really love L2 and this project from raptoreum will give new life, I spent my entire childhood playing L2, I have very good memories of this game, I remember we took Aden castle, but my Mother came and took me away by the ear me from the computer club, it was very embarrassing, I have about 14 years of gaming experience, I’m 33 now, but the desire to play L2 is very great, I was even a game master, I did cool events, if you need a game master, I can do it help, I expect a lot from this project! Good luck admin I love you!
I think if there will be rtm payments, then it’s better to do hard x1 classic, where you could actually buff with a buffer for adena like in the classic, and not like I played in 8 windows, where I buffed myself and the database was all full buff), so it’s better to make x1, so that you can really value your time and the characters in which you poured your time, plus this will be a crypto game, it will have its own goodies, in short, I’m very glad that there will be such a game