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About Raptoreum


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Raptoreum is a blockchain project that was started in 2018 and was developed on testnet until Feb. 26 2021 when it launched mainnet. Raptoreum has been the top or close to top CPU mineable coins since its launch. Its additional security features, decentralization, and ability to earn people passive income has encouraged the steady and at times explosive growth of its international community.

A combination of a blockchain secured and decentralized by a custom proof of work (POW) algorithm created by the team specifically for Raptoreum (Ghostrider) and further security by the Smartnode network makes it a good choice to build on. One of the most devastating attacks against POW based blockchains is 51% attacks, these attacks against Raptoreum are very difficult as not only would you need over 50% of the network hashrate (mining) you would also need to own over 60% of the Smartnode network. Currently over 60% of the available supply of RTM coins is locked in existing Smartnodes spread across many different people as well as shared Smartnode providers.
You can see this on the Raptoreum Explorer.

The additional security and other features like assets (NFTs), smart contracts (in common languages), nearly instant transactions, and a network that will scale to demand make it a great choice for the SaltyDragon project. Raptoreum will be the only way that players in our servers can purchase donation items and will also be used in our forums for tips and possibly other benefits. Here are some exchanges where you can buy & sell Raptoreum, you will need Bitcoin for example in order to buy it. You can buy Bitcoin (BTC) at exchanges in your country, do a google "buy Bitcoin in <your country> to find them.

Where To Buy and Sell Raptoreum (RTM)


If you are interested in learning more feel free to ask in the Raptoreum (RTM) Discussion Forum. You can also learn more about Raptoreum using the links below:

Raptoreum Website:
Raptoreum Blog:
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Raptoreum Github:
Raptoreum Discord:
Raptoreum Twitter:
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